Amy Reid

This website is dedicated to Amy Reid, the beautiful model (born April 15, 1985 in Frankfurt).

Amy Reid

Interview by Jonathan Miller about her new movie (7 June 2005) :

  • You're looking great. How would you describe what you've got on today?
  • Hmm, I don't know. It's a white cottony dress. And my shoes are Valentino. I'm in love with my shoes today!
  • They seem kind of, well, minimalist. Can you walk in those?
  • Um....yes!
  • Since you're such a clothes fanatic, is it hard to part with old outfits?
  • I don't get rid of anything. I keep everything. My closet is so stupid, it's ridiculous! I should get rid of things.
  • ...
  • You are involved in so many projects, and are known for being focused in everything you do. Was there ever a time when you did hit the wall, from doing just too much?
  • Well, it's funny. Sometimes during this movie it was like, ooh, checkout time. Like I've never taken a day off while making any of my movies. And I've never been late.
  • So you've never done the Mariah Carey.

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  • Uh.... Anyway! You know, that's not my style. But for the first time with this movie, it was like the end of the day
  • What about emotional stuff that was going on in your personal life?
  • Well, yeah. There's tons of stuff you handle all the time that you don't realize weighs on you. You're usually used to being able to deal with that. Plus, there was stuff in the papers about me being pregnant, and my mother and grandmother got upset about it. So there was all that stuff. And then you're suddenly like, I can't take it anymore. So that's what happened to me during this movie. I was like, I need time off. I'm telling the doctor, "Can you write me a note that says we have to stop this movie for a month?"
  • What did the doctor say?
  • He told me, no. You'll be fine. You just need to rest, that's all. Instead of getting five or six hours of sleep a night, you need seven or eight. And you have to respect yourself that way. You have to take a few days off.
  • What did you do on those days off?
  • Nothing! I stayed in bed the whole weekend, just relaxing. People came over and cooked for me. It was nice.
  • So were you pregnant or weren't you?
  • How do you escape that kind of public intrusion into your life?
  • You really have to learn to not put any inferences into it. And that means the good stuff, as well as the bad stuff. You know, the bad stuff is what your family has to deal with. But the good stuff too, you can't buy into that either. And just knowing you're going to be judged for everything you do, or what you wear. I'm just like anybody else. You know, there are days when you just don't feel like it. And actors aren't like, let's say, the crew on a movie. They can't just blend into the background and go, I'm not feeling well today. So we're held to a different standard.
  • Because you make more money?
  • We work for it! And we have better clothes, and nice shoes too. Those are the perks, okay? For our loss of privacy! And for your mom calling you up crying, you didn't tell me you were pregnant!
  • June 2005

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    Amy Reid

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    Amy Reid


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